For Student Athletes

As a student athlete you have incredible opportunities to maximise your NIL value, representing both yourself and your school.  The question is how do you best do this?

With EKSPERIENCE you are on a platform that easily connects you with fans by allowing you the ability to offer them selected, personalized, fee-based offerings that drive deep, meaningful engagement. 

With four  types of offerings at your disposal (interactive gaming sessions, 1:1 video chats, social media requests/posts, personalized videos)  not only are you able to monetize your personal brand, but you are also building a deep connection with the fan and alumni community.  That’s through a powerful combination of the types of offerings AND the  strength and power of your institution.  And, as part of EKSPERIENCE, you are a member of a community of fellow athletes – a place where all student- athletes can share experiences, tools, and lessons so that you all can grow your personal brands most effectively and build better financial futures. 

Just download the app now and start building your today and tomorrow with EKSPERIENCE.