For Universities

In the ever-changing world of NIL, EKSPERIENCE recognises the important role that you play in supporting your student athletes as they develop at college and beyond. We built EKSPERIENCE with a focus on helping YOU maximize your student-athletes’ opportunities to monetize their personal brands AND to drive a deeper, more meaningful connection between them and your fans/alumni.

EKSPERIENCE provides student-athletes four different ways (personalized videos, video chat, 1:1 interactive gaming sessions, social media requests and posts), to meaningfully connect with fans, while putting money into their pockets. The offerings are carefully designed to create a meaningful connection through a unique tool that helps maximize your student athlete’s talent and in so doing, helps transform their lives.

EKSPERIENCE employs a ‘white label’ approach to our platform, where we present your student-athletes’ personal brands within the context of your school’s logo and colors, forging an inextricable link between them and your school’s Brand. Your fans and alumni know that when they connect with your student-athletes, they are engaging with them through a platform that they know, they trust, and they love. And, your student-athletes know that they not only represent themselves, but that they also represent your school and your Brand.

Just complete the short form below and a member of the EKSPERIENCE team will be in touch to help you get the most of NIL and what it offers your student athletes.