On July 1, 2021, the world of college sports changed. NIL came into being and for the first time, college athletes have the opportunity to make money by selling their name, image and likeness (NIL) rights.

NCAA rules still prevent schools from paying players directly. College coaches cannot offer high school prospects money as a recruiting enticement to pick their school. Plus, current student-athletes can not receive compensation for their athletic achievements.

Yet, NIL is a workaround for athletes to receive financial compensation for their accomplishments on the field and the brand they built while in college. Players can profit off endorsements, signing autographs, selling apparel, corporate partnerships, charitable appearances, teaching camps and starting their own businesses, among other things.

The new era

The new NIL world gives huge opportunities to athletes who want to put money in their pockets and build valuable long-term relationships with their fans, to colleges who want to recruit the best athletes and to brands who want to associate with talent.

How are all these opportunities realised?


Eksperience is the first of its kind technology platform for athletes, initially designed to create easier  and more meaningful access between fans and the athletes that they love.  The brainchild of Austin Ekeler, running back for the Los Angeles Chargers, Eksperience’s mission is to help ALL athletes develop and monetize connections with their fans through a select set of personalized  offerings (e.g., custom videos, “Game with me”, “Sign my stuff”, etc.).  These personalized offerings are designed to provide deep and meaningful connections  that will undoubtedly propel the equity of the athletes’ personal brand forward.  Eksperience will further strengthen the connection between the athlete and the fan through its explicit link to the institution/club/league and the power of their relationship to the fan base.  Lastly, the Eksperience platform is designed to create and foster a true community by establishing a series of different vehicles where athletes can create, capture, and share their various tools, experiences, and tricks to one and other, thereby furthering their collective quest to build and grow their personal brands.


Rolling out across the US next year, in partnership with major US sports colleges who are supporting their student athletes through this transition, EKSPERIENCE makes sense of the new NIL era by helping colleges help their students.

If you watch, play or simply love sports you need EKSPERIENCE.

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